The Masters Coaching Program™


The Total Support System for Accountants In Pursuit of Their Firm’s Greatest Potential.

 $1299 / Month / Person

True Empowerment. True Potential.

The Masters Coaching Program will empower you to transform your current accounting practice into an Enlightened Firm. By cultivating the perfect balance of Professional and Personal Mastery, Masters will allow your firm to achieve its full potential by helping you reach your own.

Masters is a journey for accountants who are ready and willing to take their firm to the next level of success, and are open to being coached to accelerate and amplify their results.

In this robust coaching program, you’ll use the 7 Components of an Enlightened Firm as guidelines as we support you in building your Enlightened Firm every step of the way. Beyond learning game-changing best practices, you’ll discover ways to tap into your potential as an individual, which produces big results for the firm.

“My revenue has increased over 250% from my 2 year master’s journey and we continue to get better and higher paying engagements.”

Jason Fiest, CPA

Managing Partner, Empowered Insights

Deep Insights. Meaningful Growth.

It’s not uncommon to experience deep insights and meaningful personal growth over the course of the program.

Every aspect of Masters is carefully designed to help you move towards your goals with clarity and intention.

You’ll learn to move past your hidden limitations and determine the exact right actions to take to reach new levels of success and fulfillment. The Masters journey looks different for everyone, because our framework is tailored to your unique circumstances, goals, and ambitions.

We’ll be on the journey with you every step of the way. Private sessions with one of our expert coaches allow you to leverage our decades of experience to stay accountable and on track.

Group meetings with your fellow accountants will inspire and reenergize you as you gain both wisdom and knowledge.

The community element is one of our favorite parts of the program. We love watching a group of peers develop a deep connection based on shared values and aspirations – it’s a beautiful thing, you’ll feel right at home with this like minded group.

“I am more honest with myself and others all the time, even when it is difficult. I can now relate with each person in my firm in a different way.”


Kathy French, CPA

Partner, Ryun, Givens & Company, P.L.C.

Transform Yourself. Transform Results.

As a Masters participant, you’ll experience a total paradigm shift around what’s possible: what you can have, who you can become, and what your firm is capable of – and you’ll finally be able to step into your potential.

You’ll also walk away with a roadmap of how to build your dream practice, techniques for working in a simpler and easier way while creating more profound results, an extensive support system that deeply cares about your success, and a newfound energy and belief in yourself as the leader of your Enlightened Firm.

In short, the Masters program will transform the way you approach your practice. Your results will improve, your sense of purpose will deepen, your impact on the community will be greater, and you’ll experience the fulfillment that comes from living in your own innate and powerful potential.

“The Masters group is extraordinary and above what I imagined it to be. The level of support, integrity, and actions in motion will definitely grow our practice to the levels we have dreamed of.

The insights and valuable ideas I gained are so valuable to me that I am not only affected professionally, but personally and I am forever moved, touched, and inspired. I get so much from every aspect of this Masters Group and use the insights and valuable ideas daily… PRICELESS!”

Lisa Fine

Owner, Fine Organizing Solutions

Ready to take yourself and your firm to the next level?

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Personal one-on-one coaching, accountability, live mastermind group meetings, and group coaching calls are just the beginning.

Take a deeper look into some of the program features


With Masters, you will receive world class one-on-one phone coaching, support, and accountability geared towards your exponential growth.

Live Meetings

Masters participants meet up live and in person three times a year, for 2 days, to collaborate and harness the power of an exceptionally mindful and supportive group environment.

Group Calls

Between live meetings there will be monthly group calls to keep everyone connected, focused, accountable, and in the flow with this powerful work.

A Masterful ROI

While increased quality of life and personal fulfillment far exceed any financial returns, it’s not uncommon to see a 3x-10x or more return on your investment in the program. Of course, results can vary.

World Class Facilitators

World class coaches serve as catalysts for empowering your transformational growth throughout your Masters journey. You’ll see why most of our graduates refer to them as mentors and friends.


Clarity & Goals

Gaining clarity about your own personal goals is just the beginning. Taking a more Enlightened Approach™ allows you to create and accomplish clear goals that evolve with your growth.

The 7 Components

There are 7 components to having an enlightened firm. In Master, we’ll dive deep into each one and help you create and enjoy each component to your liking. From your lifestyle to your clients, team, and beyond – it’s your firm on your terms.


Between sessions, small assignments keep your momentum on track and moving in a positive direction. Don’t worry, we won’t be making your life busier. These personalized assignments are essential for your success.

Online Community

Each Masters group will have a private mastermind community, access to the Masters Alumni community, and full access to the Enlightened Business Program.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your success in Masters is directly proportional to your commitment to the program and your willingness to let go of your perceived limitations. The work itself is beautifully effortless.

Advanced Access

As a Masters participant, you’ll receive discounts and exclusive access to advanced business retreats, team development programs, and programs for your clients and customers.

The Journey

Being empowered to create the results you want is a big part of our method, but it doesn’t stop there. Throughout the process you’ll discover for yourself how to enjoy the journey of success and create a vibrant, joyful experience every single day.

Space is limited

Due to the high level of service and experience we strive to create for our participants, there are only a small number of people are admitted into the Masters Coaching Program every month. Space is limited. Spots fill up fast.

30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarentee

Join the Masters Coaching Program with peace of mind knowing you have a 30-day, 100% money back for any reason – guaranteed. We’d hate to see you go, but if you decide to after the 30 days, you are free to cancel anytime, with no penalties.

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“I’ve realized how much I defined myself by my work. Masters has allowed me to discover who I am. I’ve also realized that while I’ll always have my point of view, I am much more willing to hear others point of views. I’ve let go a lot and definitely have a lot less stress in my life. Some difficult negotiations were also made much easier because of the CAP Process.”

Lyle Dickson CPA, CA

Partner, Dickson, Stojak, Huang Chartered Professional Accountants

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