The Enlightened Firm Blueprint™

The First On-Demand Program that Provides Accountants with a Personalized Blueprint for Creating their Own Enlightened Firm

$599 / Person

You have the potential within you to create the firm of your dreams…

…It’s simpler and closer than you realize…

Imagine a firm…

…that you’ve intentionally designed to bring you total success, happiness, and fulfillment.

It’s lucrative and rewarding. Every aspect of the firm, from your clients to your team to the work itself, is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Outside of work, your firm allows you the lifestyle of your own design, with plenty of time for your other priorities like family, hobbies, and travel.

And all this is happening while you are feeling happier about your new reality and in more control of your future.

…You have the potential to create this type of firm…

…You have the potential to create your Enlightened Firm…

Most firms lack two crucial elements: perspective and planning.

To build the firm of your dreams, the first thing that must be enhanced is your perspective.

You are at the core of your business, and in order for the business to grow and expand, you must strive to reach your own personal potential.

The second key element is having a proven plan in place for taking your firm to the next level.

This plan needs to help you get clear on what you truly want, recognize and move beyond your limitations, and take intentional actions towards your goals.

The Enlightened Firm Blueprint is the roadmap…

…or the “How-to” guide for empowering firm leaders to create rewarding, lucrative, and enjoyable firms on every front.

This online course and community provide a step-by-step, guide for shifting your perspective and creating and executing a proven plan for success.

Plus, it’s backed by the expertise of our top coaches, who have decades of experience helping build Enlightened Firms.

Gain More Than A Plan

In addition to a powerful online video course and accompanying worksheets and exercises, you’ll be joining an amazing community of like-minded professionals, all pursuing their own enlightened journey.

You’ll walk away with the blueprint for your own Enlightened Firm, the action steps needed to get there, and the energy, belief, and inspiration you need to make it all happen.

The program will dive deep into the 7 Components of an Enlightened Firm, and you’ll learn how to tailor each component to your personal goals and objectives.

7 Components of an Enlightened Firm

  • Discover your inner Enlightened Accountant

  • Operate a Lifestyle Practice that gives you time and freedom to do what you love

  • Run a Mindful Business by working on the business, not just in it

  • Define and attract Ideal Clients who pay top dollar for your Ideal Services

  • Design and nurture a Thriving Culture where everybody wins

  • Understand how Delivering Value can significantly increase your revenue

  • Work Smarter Not Harder to optimize your time and energy

Gain a better plan, a greater perspective, and your Enlightened Firm


  • Create your on personalized Enlightened Firm Blueprint.

  • Tap into your innate potential and abundant possibilities to build the firm of your dreams.

  • Gain clarity around what you want so you can move forward with confidence.

  • Learn to identify the hidden obstacles that hold you back from success, and how to break through them.

  • Design a customized, easy to implement action plan to help you achieve your goals.

  • Reach new levels of success in ways that feels authentic to who you are.

  • Experience a proven process backed by decades of experience as we guide you each step of the way.

Ready to create your own Enlightened Firm Blueprint?

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