The group is happy to announce the addition of a new member, Matt Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at The Center for Enlightened Business. As a thought leader and human performance expert, Matt leads his organization in developing programs designed to empower firm owners to become masterful advisors. The Center for Enlightened Business participants graduate from their programs with the masterful ability to sell, price and deliver highly profitable work that contributes to their clients’ lives and businesses.

“We are so excited to have Matt join us,” asserts Angie Grissom, President of Rainmaker Companies and current Membership Chair for CPACA. “His passion, unwavering commitment to helping clients, and collaborative spirit are a great fit for the group and will help the CPACA achieve our goal of supporting and improving the leadership and future of the accounting profession.”

“I’m honored and humbled to be part of such a heart-centered and powerful alliance of thought leaders who are willing to put their egos and personal agendas aside to find better ways to serve our shared community of accountants,” says Solomon. “Every now and again, the best and the brightest minds in any given profession come together and collaborate to make today better and tomorrow brighter. I wholeheartedly believe the CPACA is that group for accountants everywhere.”

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