We recognize that helping people gain clarity, wisdom, and knowledge to improve their lives is one of the most sacred gifts and we’re honored to be a part of it. We’ve impacted thousands of lives in a positive way and we look forward to impacting many more.

“For the first time in my life, I can fully accept myself for who I am. I stepped out of my own shadow and into a partnership role.”


Cleo Huang BTECH, CPA, CA

Partner, Dickson, Stojak & Huang Chartered Accountants

“My revenue has increased over 250% from my 2 year master’s journey and we continue to get better and higher paying engagements.”

Jason Fiest, CPA

Managing Partner, Empowered Insights

“I learned that if you want to change your world you need to change your thinking. Not in the past or the future, but in the present moment. I will enjoy more peace and clarity with this approach.”

Stephen Foster

President & Co-owner, Fresno Coin Gallery

The Center for Enlightened Businessis the evolution of both RAN ONE Americas, LLC. and Thriving Firm. In some of the following testimonials, you will hear our members mention us by our former names.

The Experience of Masters – Michael Daren, CPA

A 3-year member of our Masters group, Michael brings a beautiful perspective to the table as he describes his experience of our Masters program. Michael states that gaining clarity and comfortably drilling into the issues that most people avoid supported him in evolving his practice.


“The Masters group is extraordinary and above what I imagined it to be. The level of support, integrity, and actions in motion will definitely grow our practice to the levels we have dreamed of.

The insights and valuable ideas I gained are so valuable to me that I am not only affected professionally, but personally and I am forever moved, touched, and inspired. I get so much from every aspect of this Masters Group and use the insights and valuable ideas daily… PRICELESS!”

Lisa Fine

Owner, Fine Organizing Solutions

Shelley Whittaker – Whittaker and Company

Listen in as Shelley shares about her new-found peace, confidence, growth and impact on her company. Shelley is now able to enjoy the journey and the process, and not just the results.

“I love how thoughts, fears, etc. get so simplified. All the rest is so much easier when you are armed with the simplicity of this process.

I expect this to enhance every facet of my life. The process will free me and I desperately need that.”

Ann Monahan

VP of State and Governmental Affairs, Hope Group, LLC

“Honestly, I had very high expectations going into our first meeting. My initial expectations were met, if not exceeded. In my opinion, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with both of you [Rick Solomon and Mike Celada] and the other members of this group. I appreciate your contributions to my success and growth.”

Henry Jones

Founder, Henry H. Jones, CPA

“I learned that what I keep resisting keeps persisting. I spend less time discussing and validating pain, now I just feel it and release it. I will be less reactive and more present. I feel like I have come back home to myself.”


Lorna Heacock

Owner, Summit Safety Inc.

Ray Tisi

Ray shares how a “failure to implement” led him to try out the Masters Program. He now has the courage and the ability to take a bigger view of his purpose and the impact he can have on his community.

“I saw first-hand that the world is a reflection of my thinking and because of that I will be spending more time using the CAP Process™, especially with business development. I know it will help me achieve my goals even quicker and make decision with more clarity. I will create my life through the intentions I set, not by the self-limiting views I feel.”

David Solomon

Founder, Comsource Communications

Randy Siddoway

Randy is proud to admit he has transformed drastically in his 4 years of working with us. Randy was able to find his deeper purpose in the ability to serve those around him, both in his personal life and his professional life.

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“As I clear away the wants, the sense of striving and struggling, the power of my intention becomes stronger.”



Dan Whittaker CPA, CEPA

Managing Partner, Whittaker & Co.

“I learned that feelings have the power we give to them. I won’t be in a bunch anymore over things, people, situations like I was before, which is freeing and peaceful.”


Kay Garabedian

Principal, Facility Design

“The more that I let go, the more I can be in the moment and make better choices. I have greater clarity to make decisions and to communicate with others.”


Jennifer Foster

Partner, The Business Therapist

Karl Locker

Karl shares that this work is so good that you want to keep it to yourself, yet so powerful that he feels obligated to share it with the world. He feels the competitive advantage is great, but feels open enough to share with those who are ready for it.

By letting go, I can enjoy life more. I can be at peace.

I have learned that I can forgive people that have hurt me and have compassion and love for everyone. It is an awesome feeling from my heart and I know it reflects in my facial expression. I feel a new sense of freedom. It has changed my life. I look forward to working with this new-found freedom in my business.

Suzanne Byrnes

Principal, Facility Design

Lauren Garabedian

In an emotional thank you, Lauren shares how the person she was has no bearing on the person she has become and how both her family and her company have evolved too. This changed her life, personally and professionally.

“The impact this has had on my business clients has been way beyond my expectations. It motivates me to bring more clients to learn this work.”

Joe Evers

Founder, Evers Robinson, LTD

“I am more content and at peace with everything going on around me.”


Robyn Esrealian, Attorney

Partner, Richardson, Jones, & Esrealian

“I am more honest with myself and others all the time, even when it is difficult. I can now relate with each person in my firm in a different way.”

Kathy French, CPA

Partner, Ryun, Givens & Company, P.L.C.

Bruce Beickman

For Bruce, working with us helped him get clarity and prioritize his life in all areas. Like most people in our programs, Bruce feels so close to the group he was in that he calls them family.

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