Member Masters Challenge:  

Initial Fee:  $1299

*Next payment of $1299/mo will start February 2017 (*this payment will include all access to resources and prior membership access)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, or to kick your implementation in to high gear?  Our Fall Member Challenge is being offered to train, coach, and teach you what it takes to achieve powerful results.

As thought leaders and coaches to the profession, we have seen how an effective enlightened approach and methodology empowers, guides, supports, and rewards practice owners to reach that next level.

This Member Challenge will help you kick start your efforts and get you on the simplest way to greater success and fulfillment.  We invite you to take part in this Member Challenge and experience the joy and empowerment of pushing your firm to that next level.  We’re very excited to join you on this journey and support your achievement of breakthrough results like higher fees, building a great team, working with ideal clients, doing more rewarding work, and so much more. This journey entails three simple steps and a fourth optional should you desire to continue.

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Step 1:  Take the Masters Kick Start (Online Workshops)

For 30 days, participate in the Masters Kick Start where you will attend three Online workshops between November and December to build your personalized plan for success and learn and begin implementing the CAP Process for releasing self-limiting thoughts and barriers to your success.  You will…

    • Learn the CAP Process™
    • Understand the Big Picture: Get clarity on where you want to be in next 3-5 years
    • Develop a 12 month Blueprint: Develop your plan to start getting there now
    • Create an Action Plan:  Prioritize your action list for implementation
    • A $3500 Value
    • Dates of Webinars
    • WED  11/30/17 – Kick Start Workshop 1: Principles of Enlightened Approach – CAP Process
    • WED  12/07/17 – Kick Start Workshop 2: Principles of Enlightened Approach – Building Your Plan
    • WED  12/14/17 – Kick Start Workshop 3: Principles of Enlightened Approach – Debrief

Step 2:  1on1 Coaching Call

Work with one of our experienced coaches to review your plan, get help on prioritizing actions, and support on the enlightened approach, as well as discuss your fears and concerns about your plan and making it happen.

    • $300 Value

Step 3:  Attend Live Masters Meeting

For two days, you’ll be exposed to our Masters Group style of learning, and achieving new levels of mastery and quantum results in business and in life. You will participate alongside like-minded peers in general learning and breakout sessions led by Rick Solomon and Mike Celada and other thought leaders and advisors.  January 2017 Meeting – San Francisco, CA

    • Two days of powerful learning:
    • Roll up your sleeves workshop format
    • General Sessions and Breakouts for Accountants and Business
    • Presentation, Group Discussion, and Individual and Group Exercises
    • Work with like-minded peers
    • A $1099 Value

*Step 4:  Continue in the Masters Coaching Program

No Risk Challenge
30 day money back guarantee.  At any point you feel you are not getting the value out of the challenge, let us know and we will issue a full money back guarantee.

Details:  The initial fee of $1299 is to join the Member Masters Challenge with an option to continue on in the Masters Program. If you do not opt-out of the program prior to February 2017, the Masters subscription of $1299/mo will begin.  This subscription will include access to legacy and advisapedia resources for the firm.  Any existing resource subscriptions will be removed and replaced by the Masters subscription for as long as the Masters subscription is upheld.

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