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We are grateful for your interest and we look forward to exploring how we can serve you on your journey.

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Fill Out The Application

Fill out and submit the Masters application form below. Within 1 week after you submit your application you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview.

Phone Interview

Masters is not for everyone and the phone interview is designed to get a feel for whether we believe you will have success in our program or not. We also would love to answer any questions you may have.


Moving Forward

Not everyone is accepted into Masters, but if accepted into the Masters program, you will be required to pay your first months fee to gain access to the beautiful road ahead.

Starting The Journey

Once in the program, you’ll be welcomed by your new PAL (Program Advisor & Liaison), introduced to the fundamentals of the program, set up on your first coaching call, and you’ll have the opportunity to clarity your goals. Then, the real journey begins…

Thank you for your application and interest!


Wishing you abundant success, we look forward to getting to know you, and to helping you achieve your goals.