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Through the most unique and powerful coaching available in the profession, we empower accountants to enjoy greater success, happiness, and fulfillment.

…And it all starts with taking a more Enlightened Approach™…


Introducing: The Enlightened Approach™

A time-tested, 4-step method to achieving next-level results and a happier, more fulfilling journey. This simple yet powerful approach is at the heart of all our offerings, and is the key to our members’ success


Step 1: Clarity

Gaining clarity about what you really want requires asking yourself a different type of question. Our unique method allows you to rediscover what is truly important to you.

Step 2: Awareness

Truly seeing what is really in your way is essential for reaching your potential. Often hidden from our awareness, moving past obstacles becomes easy once you see what they really are.

Step 3: Breakthrough

The CAP Process™ is the cornerstone of our methodology. This revolutionary process is a “how-to” manual for removing obstacles in your path. It’s simple, it’s powerful, and it works.

Step 4: Purposeful Action

This is the execution phase. With purposeful action, you’ll get totally clear on your next best steps – and then take them with greater ease and a deeper sense of purpose.

“I love how thoughts, fears, etc. get so simplified. All the rest is so much easier when you are armed with the simplicity of this process. I expect this to enhance every facet of my life. The process will free me and I desperately need that.”

Ann Monahan

VP of State and Governmental Affairs, Hope Group, LLC


The CAP Process™

The power behind the Enlightened Approach™.

You’ll learn to recognize and let go of all that is in the way of your success – once and for all.



Getting to the Root of the Problem

The CAP Process™ is a way to recognize and then let go of the root cause of the obstacles we face today.

Your Thoughts Shape Your World

Although the obstacles we face appear to be “out there” in the world, the truth is that they are merely a reflection of our thoughts.

Clearing Thoughts of Limitation

The CAP Process™ allows business leaders to remove both the conscious and unconscious thoughts of limitation, revealing new possibilities for better results.

Direct Pathway to Results

Letting go is a natural ability that we all possess. We focus on making it a conscious and habitual practice, providing you with greater clarity and an easier, more direct path to greater results.

“By letting go, I can enjoy life more. I can be at peace.

I have learned that I can forgive people that have hurt me and have compassion and love for everyone. It is an awesome feeling from my heart and I know it reflects in my facial expression. I feel a new sense of freedom. It has changed my life. I look forward to working with this new-found freedom in my business.

Suzanne Byrnes

Principal, Facility Design

The 12 Learnings™

You’ll learn to take an Enlightened Approach™ towards the 12 key components for professional and personal mastery – and your firm success.

Professional Mastery – Knowledge Modules

Enlightened Leadership

Uncover your authentic, empowered leadership style for success and inspire others to support the vision.


Enlightened Alignment

Achieving greater harmony and productivity while everyone works towards a common purpose.

Enlightened Growth

Design your firm the way you want it. Communicate and deliver value in ways that customers appreciate you like never before.


Enlightened Communication

The essence of clear, productive, and empowered communications to build harmony and support intended outcomes.

Enlightened Management

Managing and inspire for the results you want, with less stress than ever before.


Enlightened Customer Service

Enrolling your entire team and delivering an extraordinary level of customer service for more loyal and high paying customers.

Personal Mastery – Wisdom Modules

Achieving Goals

Discover and leverage a process for setting and achieving goals like never before.

Living With Abundance

Free yourself from scarcity thinking and learn to tap into a natural state of abundance.

Mastering Time & Productivity

Spend your time doing more of what you love to accomplish much more, in less time, with less effort.

Accelerating Your Results

Free yourself from the hidden anchors that make difficult tasks even harder and learn to accelerate your results.

Building Relationships

Establish and strengthen relationships, empower your future leaders, and become the person others want to connect with.

Personal Well-being

Being at your best – healthy, happy, and fulfilled, despite your workload or responsibilities.

“For the first time in my life, I can fully accept myself for who I am. I stepped out of my own shadow and into a partnership role.”

Cleo Huang BTECH, CPA, CA

Partner, Dickson, Stojak & Huang Chartered Accountants

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“The more that I let go, the more I can be in the moment and make better choices. I have greater clarity to make decisions and to communicate with others.”

Jennifer Foster

Partner, The Business Therapist