The Enlightened Business Program™

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This Do-It-Yourself online program offers robust resources to find your balance of personal and professional mastery.

  • Discover your own authentic leadership style.

  • Learn to achieve goals with much greater ease and intention.

  • Create an environment where individual goals align with company goals.

  • Discover your natural state of abundance and fulfillment.

  • Increase your value and sense of purpose for meaningful growth.

  • Improve your relationship with time management and productivity.

  • Learn to communicate in a more honest, effective, and powerful way.

  • Drop the resistance of what really needs to be done.

  • Discover a management style that brings out the best in your team.

  • Become more aware and intentional in all of your relationships.

  • Turn customers into raving fans.

  • Improve your personal well-being for a greater life.

“The principles of mutuality and abundance have freed me, I’m spending much more time with my partners and we are now aligned on where we are headed. Now, we are growing and I am enjoying it.”
Dave Bunge

Navigator, Alliant Advisors

Your Seamless Integration Into Success

Seamlessly integrate and apply the Enlightened Approach™ on your own. The perfect program for both firm owners and team members.

Learn about the different elements of the program below.


We’ve created a welcoming and informative on-boarding experience where you’ll gain clarity on your goals, learn about our process, and gain access to a live call to get you started.


Online Delivery

Our online deliver systems allows you access to all of the incredible content anytime and anywhere you have internet access. Whether you are at home, in the office, or traveling – the Enlightened Business Program™ is just a click away.

12 Learning Modules

Master the 12 Learnings™ by diving deep into the learning modules. Topics include; Enlightened Leadership, Mastering Time & Productivity, Personal Well-Being, and much more.

Balanced Knowledge & Wisdom

To create full spectrum success, our perfect blend of applied knowledge and practical wisdom combine to produce the transformative results you’re looking for.

Centered Around You

Our content is designed to be relevant to your needs, focused on your own experiential learning, and packed with insights that will accelerate your growth.

Dynamic Content

Not everybody learns the same way. We use a multi-media approach to deliver some of the most unique content. Videos, audios, worksheets and more combine to facilitate a dynamic and impact learning experience.

Power Calls™

Free access for 6 months to group calls focused on the current learning topic. These calls support your application of the Enlightened Approach™, allowing you to seamlessly integrate this work into your daily life.

Short & Powerful Activities

Each module is broken down into easily digestible activities. You can find new inspiration and enlightening content in a dosage that’s not overwhelming for you.

Dive Deep

Each of the 12 Learnings™ has 20 short yet powerful exercises. This allows you to immerse yourself in the learning sessions, taking the work step by step through your goals.

Lifetime Access

Your one time purchase of the Enlightened Business Program™ gives you lifetime access to this content, so you’ll be able to go back over the deep knowledge and wisdom in this program whenever you wish.

30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarentee

Join the Enlightened Business Program with peace of mind knowing you have a 30-day, 100% money back for any reason – guaranteed. Simple, easy, fair.

“Our firm has had its best year ever. I allow myself to be present, in all areas of my life.”

Steve Givens, CPA

Partner, Ryun, Givens & Company, P.L.C.

“I’m working less and spending more time with my family. This means everything to me.”

Jeff Borschowa

Founder, Business Evolution Consulting Inc.

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The Learning Modules

The monthly learning modules are drawn from the 12 Essential Learnings described below:

Enlightened Leadership™

The process of leading others begins with owning the path we’re on and placing ourselves in the driver’s seat. This module is about discovering our own authentic leadership style and removing any barriers to fully stepping into that role.

As we shed our self-judgment and conditioned thinking, we access our authentic leadership strengths. Such leaders inspire others to follow and accomplish things that might otherwise not be accomplished.

For team members, Enlightened Leadership is an essential skill for career success. It’s possible to lead from any position, whether that means taking the initiative on a project, sharing ideas, engaging with customers in a different way, or through countless other examples of Enlightened Leadership.

Achieving Goals™

We all have business and personal goals around what we’d like to do, have or become. The core of our enlightened approach to achieving goals is an amazingly powerful process for setting and realizing any goal. You’ll learn how to structure a goal statement that harnesses the power of intention to facilitate its realization. Our process brings to the surface any self-limiting views in opposition to the goal. Releasing these unseen barriers provides a much easier, more direct path to realizing our goals.

An ongoing series of exercises and assignments keeps participants actively working towards realizing their goals with less stress, less effort, and better results.

Enlightened Alignment™

When someone resonates and aligns with a company’s purpose, they will invest themselves in the company’s success, creating emotional equity.  By letting go of unproductive ideas and mistaken beliefs, you’ll see how creativity is inspired. Change and challenge are seen as opportunities for growth, different viewpoints establish a stronger company or department, and customers are treated like kings.”.

As a team member, you can be aligned, productive, successful and happy by matching your purpose with that of the company.  Discover what about the company’s objectives most resonates with you and how can you apply that in the work you do.

Living With Abundance™

Abundance includes not only money and things, but also time, energy, happiness – all the good things in life! We’re surrounded by abundance, yet it’s held away by our negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs. This Wisdom Module reveals abundance as the natural state of things. As we release the internal blocks that hold it away, we free ourselves to enjoy business and personal lives immersed in this natural state of abundance.

External abundance is about having all the things we want. Internal abundance is the experience of having more than enough, of being fulfilled, not lacking. External abundance without the internal fulfillment does little for us. True abundance is having both.

Enlightened Growth™

Enlightened Growth requires letting go of conditioned thinking around scarcity or struggle, and instead embracing a view of abundance. Growth is healthy when it’s aligned with both our personal and business goals, and is the natural outcome of delivering meaningful value to our customers.

For the company, Enlightened Growth means engaging with customers more deeply, and seeing challenges as opportunities for improvement. At a personal level, it’s about examining our beliefs around what we’re capable of, allowing for development in areas we never thought possible.

For team members, growing as a person means our careers will soar, along with personal satisfaction, and we enjoy a true sense of accomplishment.

Mastering Time & Productivity™

In today’s busy, multitasking world, time seems to be in short supply. Since we can’t manufacture more of it, this module actually shifts our relationship with time. What keeps us rushing around is not a shortage of time, but rather our false views and beliefs about time. As we get clear about what’s most important to us, rethink our priorities, and view time in a completely different context, we can stop pushing against the clock.

Freeing ourselves from the self-created constraints of time means we’re able to accomplish more with less effort, remain present and focused, and get a great deal more satisfaction from everything we do.

Enlightened Communications™

Enlightened communication is the essence of connection among people, who are the heart of an Enlightened Business. Letting go of our concerns about speaking our truths frees us to communicate in ways that serve others and our common purpose.

Emptying our minds of preconceived ideas allows us to be present and truly hear others. Creating a safe space for people to share openly yields the best ideas and provides the feedback to improve ourselves and our company.

As a team member, being an effective, empowered communicator is an incredibly valuable skill that can propel any career or initiative forward, and give you an enhanced sense of confidence.

Accelerating Your Results™

While we all want greater success and happiness, at the same time there’s a part of us that resists it. We tend to hold onto the status quo, our old ways, even when we know better. Resistance is like a weight that slows us down no matter what we’re doing. This module explores the nature of this resistance and provides insights and exercises to free ourselves from it.

Dropping our resistance makes everything we do easier, and accelerates our results. Our energy is freed up, goals are achieved with less struggle, and we can enjoy each day with a lighter, freer sense of being, moment by moment.

Enlightened Management™

Most people don’t want to be managed, and most managers don’t enjoy managing people. Enlightened management requires letting go of old, preconceived ideas and notions about managing and motivating people, providing a very different, simpler way to engage that inspires people to produce intended results without having to be managed.

Enlightened managers bring out the best in the teams because they can communicate effectively, have the skills to resolve challenging situations, and know how to create a culture that rewards productivity and results.

As a team member, management skills helps you work with others to achieve better results and open the door to greater career opportunities.

Enlightened Relationships™

The quality and nature of our business and personal relationships has a significant impact on our success. This module explores the underlying beliefs and feelings that shape our interactions with customers and other business relationships. Greater awareness allows us to be more intentional in such relationships, which can have a profound impact on business results and create a deeper sense of well-being, inevitably leading to more enjoyable relationships in all areas of your life.

You’ll learn the simple fundamentals of having productive, nurturing relationships with peers and colleagues, even the more challenging ones, while you remain at peace. One of the great outcomes of this module is having a great relationship with yourself!

Enlightened Customer Service™

Enlightened customer service provides a compelling experience that makes customers love us and keep coming back for more. It begins by letting go of self-limiting beliefs about how to create such an experience, seeing the world from the customer’s view, and engaging your team in providing such an experience.

Enlightened customer service is about being connected with your customers and helping them win in bigger and better ways. It also means using the inevitable challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Team members who master the art of providing enlightened customer service will find great success in their careers, and greater enjoyment in their everyday work.

Personal Well-Being™

It’s common knowledge that when we feel whole, healthy, and vibrant we’re at our best. We produce great results, feel great, and our business or career thrives. We’re able to accomplish more with less effort. Things seem to flow more in our direction. Results that may have felt difficult or impossible begin to happen with less effort.

We don’t actually have a business and personal life. We have just one life. As we let go of the feelings and beliefs that block us from accessing our power, wisdom and abilities, our personal well-being is enhanced. We can flourish in all areas of our life, enjoying unprecedented levels of business success and personal fulfillment.

“I’ve learned what it means to take an inner stance that empowers me in my communications and relationships. I now accept clients only on my terms. I am a better boss and a better leader. I am able to find answers. I’ve learned to let go. I’ve taken risks that I couldn’t have taken before, including speaking. My most important goals right now have to do with steelhead fishing and golf.” Lance Barrett, CPA, CGMA, CCIFP

Founder and Managing Partner, Barrett & Company

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