The 5 Keys to Winning Lucrative Engagements

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Mastering your opening statement is critical to winning more lucrative engagements.

It’s time for you to Create and Deliver a Winning Opening Statement.

Winning more lucrative engagements opens up greater possibilities for your firm. This is not just about making sales, this is about winning engagements based on value (not fee alone) and mutual fit (not just taking what you can get), so you make more money in fewer hours while working with better clients. This gives you the freedom to step back and look at what you really want in terms of both your firm’s success and your personal fulfillment.

Winning more lucrative engagements begins with your opening statement. The way you open a meeting will not only enhance your ability to win the engagement, it sets the tone for the entire relationship to follow. Get this right and everything flows. Get your opening statement wrong by “winging it” or worst of all – just talking about yourself and your company – and your chances of winning a lucrative engagement drop significantly.

We want to help you make more lucrative sales and we believe the best way to do that starts with helping you create and deliver a winning opening statement.


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  • The principles of a sales process that is comfortably aligned with your values and integrity.
  • To learn how to serve, not sell, as you close more business than you can imagine.

Based directly on the decades of coaching and training thousands of accountants in the sales process, sales Guru and Transformational Coach, Rick Solomon will give you the wisdom and insights of a top producer, built specifically for accountants just like you who want to take their sales skills to the next level. (Learn more about Rick at the bottom of this page.)

Whether or not you feel you’re great at sales, or you really need to get better, this program will not only show you what you need to do to win more lucrative engagements, but you’ll learn to feel so much more comfortable in the process.

If you’re interested in winning more lucrative engagements and you want to learn how to create and deliver a winning opening statement, this program is perfect for you. It’s short, sweet, and very powerful.

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I was able to change my relationship with an existing client and in the process increase my billing by 400%…two years later that fee doubled.  The client is thrilled with his progress…their gross sales went from $700,000 to $2.1 million during that time period.

Robert Grubman


If you’re a little insecure with suggesting new services to clients or prospects, Rick’s the man to help you work through it; and even if you are a seasoned pro, Rick has suggestions that will challenge your thinking.

Steven Moss


What a tremendous feeling!  The process actually sets the stage for a very different type of relationship with the client.  Just wanted you to know that this is incredible and I appreciate what you are doing for me.

Elizabeth Nielson


One of the most rewarding and enlightening workshops that I have ever attended.  I have used the concepts from Rick Solomon’s workshop in meetings with prospective as well as current clients with outstanding results.

Bernard Abercrombie


Great content.  Rick Solomon understands the abundance principle and real service better than any CPA business advisor I have heard.

Mark Sheffield


Really valuable. Very credible. Very appropriate for accountants.

Catherine Gillies


I wish that I had taken this course as I was starting my firm almost 17 years ago.

Doug Evans


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Had very high expectations and they were met. What I/We have needed for ages!

David Hyde


Rick Solomon

Rick Solomon

CPA, World Renowned Sales Trainer & Transformational Coach, CEO

Rick is the CEO of the Center for Enlightened Business and heads their transformational Masters Coaching Program. Rick’s lifelong passion is helping accountants achieve breakthrough results in their practices, while empowering them to have a deeper sense of fulfillment along the way.

He has taught his “Sell Without Selling” sales process to thousands of accountants in seven countries, lectured internationally on his enlightened approach to practice success, and authored several books, including two chapters in the AICPA “Bullseye Guide” on sales and marketing.

While Rick’s unique process to “Sell Without Selling” has also been sought out by Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies such as; Citibank, Merrill Lynch, ADP, Paychex, H&R Block, and many more, his passion is in empowering the small to mid-sized accounting firm owner. 

Rick’s very different approach empowers accountants feel more comfortable in selling situations so that they can win more lucrative engagements and improve their bottom line results.